Great News! You can now fully manage your email preferences through our control panel! 


Once you’ve logged into your account, in the top right-hand corner click on “Hello, (Your Name)” -> “Contacts / Sub-Accounts”.


Under the Email Preferences section you can choose to receive the following types of correspondence for each user on your account:

- General Emails - General Announcements & Password Reminders

- Product Emails - Order Details, Welcome Emails, etc...

- Domain Emails - Renewal Notices, Registration Confirmations, etc...

- Invoice Emails - Invoices & Billing Reminders

- Support Emails - Allow this user to open tickets in your account


You can also add new sub accounts to send specific emails to users within your organisation, e.g. to receive Product, Domain and Invoice Emails only.




By Clicking on “Email History” this will display all emails we have sent to the emails on your account.


Saturday, May 5, 2018

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